About Us

The SCETT Fund is a joint labor-management trust fund established in 1978 by the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) and various employers of employees represented for collective bargaining purposes by LIUNA and affiliated Local Unions. It was established and is maintained for the primary purpose of providing education and job training benefits for employees in the service contract industry to foster their employability, productivity, skills, and knowledge.

All governance authority is vested in the labor-management Board of Trustees consisting equally of Union Trustees and Management Trustees. The Trustees are familiar with the service contract industry and serve without compensation from the SCETT Fund. Day-to-day administration of the SCETT Fund is the responsibility of the SCETT Fund Director and the SCETT Fund Administrator who were hired by and report to the Board of Trustees. The Board has delegated certain authority to the Director and Administrator to carry out their duties to the SCETT Fund. The SCETT Fund maintains administrative offices in Washington, D.C. The SCETT Fund is funded by collectively bargained employer contributions and investment income. Employees do not make contributions to the SCETT Fund, and they are not charged any fees by the SCETT Fund for benefits or participation in the SCETT Fund programs. The amount of benefits payable by the SCETT Fund is limited by its assets alone. The SCETT Fund is regulated by various Federal laws, including the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), the Labor Management Relations Act (Taft-Hartley), the Service Contract Act, and the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). It is an employee welfare benefit plan under ERISA and, as such, a separate legal entity. It is a tax-exempt trust under the IRC. These federal statutes require that the SCETT Fund’s assets be used for the sole and exclusive purpose of providing promised benefits to employees of contributing employers and to defray the reasonable expenses of administering the SCETT Fund. The SCETT Fund is a bona fide fringe benefit under the Service Contract Act.

The SCETT Fund is affiliated with the LIUNA Training & Education Fund, a nationally recognized leader in worker training and education with 70 affiliated training centers located throughout the United States and Canada. Like the SCETT Fund, the LIUNA Training & Education Fund opens the door to opportunity for workers, adds to their skills, advances their careers, and helps them gain a competitive advantage in a tough marketplace. Employers benefit from an invaluable resource: a highly-trained workforce that helps them succeed.